About me

So, at first could you tell me your age?

24 years old, is a student. (This is not true)

Please make a brief description of yourself.

  • I’m a low-end code farmer when the Internet connection is available.
  • I’m an idiot when the Internet connection is unavailable.
  • I’m a failed software engineer who knows little about algorithms & basic concepts of the computer science & operating systems & computer networking.
  • All thoughts behind the code I wrote does not belong to me, they all come from famous websites on the Internet. E.g. StackOverflow, GitHub, Google.
  • I always feel depressed then go mad when facing problems listed in LeetCode or about computer data structure & algorithms.
  • I strongly oppose any companies to determine whether a person is qualified to their requirements by testing them details of an algorithm.

Have you mastered any foreign languages?

Sorry, I can’t speak any foreign languages except English. My ability in English is also limited, especially in writing and speaking. In fact, without a spelling checker’s help, I could not find out that there are so many semantic issues in my writing.

I’m struggling to get rid of this circumstance. The way I choose is attempting to read and write more in English, to develop a sense of the English language.

Do you have any hobbies outside the work?

Open an IDE do programming used to be one of my hobbies. This hobby has been destroyed by the job I’m doing. Nowadays my only hobby is playing video games, to poison myself outside the work.

I don’t recommend anyone to find a job following his/her hobby. Typically you do your hobby is to make yourself feel pleasant and relax. When you find a job intersects your hobby, You do what you like to satisfy others’ requirements. In this condition what you do always comes with a deadline which makes it very unpleasant. If so your hobby will be destroyed by your job sooner or later.

You mentioned the programming language c and c++ many times in your tweets and posts. How do you comment on your skill on coding?

My coding skill is a failure. I’m a lazy man. The only thing that pushes me to learn is someone’s requirement.

Why you open this blog?

To reduce the burden remembering things on my brain. Anything that is interesting but hard to remember can be archived here.

What’s your dream?

  • Do research deeply on a branch of Computer Science, not become a “Jack of all trades, master of none”.
  • Find a job with no overworking.
  • Improve my English skills.
  • Learn another foreign language. Japanese might be a good choice so that I could catch up your average level: master both English and Japanese.